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Some facts you didn’t know about sex

The fact that many women are so subtle causes many men to misunderstand what they want. We want to send them signals and things to bear in mind so that the alarm bells ring regarding desire and the intention to make love.

You have to find the keys to be ready at the right moment; all of the information will help you to improve your knowledge of female behaviour.

Physical contact, talking openly and acting subtly.

Once you know the moment and the person we have to do is put into practice those gifts you possess and explore the sensual world that is her body.

-During night-time, men tend to have at least three erections while they sleep. They get their first ones when they are still foetuses in the last three months of pregnancy.

-The date of male semen depends to a great deal on diet or the last meal eaten before sex. The bitterest semen is found after eating asparagus and most sweet and sour comes from acid flavours and alcohol.

-However much they boast that they have recovered after an ejaculation the most normal thing is for them to recover in a few minutes, or even days.

-The average penis length worldwide is 9cm when flaccid and 13 when erect. According to an American study the maximum length is 33cm and the minimum 6cm.

-at its peak of stimulation the clitoris becomes erect because it fills with blood, doubling its normal size.

-Although also in men, it is women’s nipples that are capable of giving them an orgasm on their own, if you know how to stimulate them the right way.

-Thanks to neurotransmitters, having sex aids sleep: it’s a good sleeping pill.

Women need more time to reach orgasm (an average of 15 minutes) unlike men who tend to reach it after being stimulated for anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes.

-90% of women regard the neck as one of the most erotic parts of their body to be kissed and stroked.

-The involuntary contractions that occur in the vagina while they are having an orgasm by the main proof that they are not faking one.

At the peak, women tend to ejaculate through the urethra. It is often confused with urine, but it is not.

-Masturbation is the best way for women who are getting older to learn to have orgasms with their partner. By doing it when they are alone, they can see the stages involved in reaching an orgasm.

-It is very common to be allergic to semen and many women do not know it.

-Men can become excited to the point of erection in just a few seconds; one simple stroke or even just a daring glance.

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