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Marbella Escort trip

In case you are thinking visiting Marbella as escorts will be like any other trip you have made in the past, you couldn’t be further from the truth. You will be astounded by the glamour of the city, beautiful resorts leading to the sandy beaches not to mention the cool sub-tropical Mediterranean climate that will make you detest from comparing Marbella to the Caribbean since the Spanish town has it all. As you approach the iconic Puerto Banus, a Marina that has been an excellent tourist destination over the past four decades, your instincts warns you to put on your sunglasses and hat then allow the sun caress your skin as the wind blows your hair in a rhythm.

You are now approaching the richest Marina in the world; a second home of individuals with a trillion dollars combined net worth.

The flashy cars at the private parking ranging from renowned manufacturers such as Bugatti, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Maserati just to mention a few will signal your arrival. Never be amazed to spot an actor or rather a public figure, Michelle Obama for instance, who was here in 2010.

It is my story that after a couple of days in Marbella this seemingly well off dude approached me at the Nikki Beach while taking dinner. He asked if he could join me citing the fact that he was not used to the seafood here and needed someone to take show him which I agreed.

I signaled the waiter and placed him an order for En Brochette (shrimp and oyster in bacon and deep-fried). The smile in his face tells that he could not wait to have a taste of the meal. He introduced himself and I followed suit. He is a real estate entrepreneur from Atlanta and he was here to negotiate with a local private developer for a villa at the Nueva Andalucía.

After the meal (which he complimented me for the superb choice), he goes to swipe his master card and asks if I would join him for a ride to the Nueva Andalucía.

I quickly narrate to him my terms which he offers to double the payment on request that I act his wife as he goes to nail the real estate deal. That was my specialty as a call girl at the Marbella. He walked me to his posh sports car and we drove off. Unfortunately, the developer postponed their assignment to the following day, which got us to his rented villa some yards away.

I noted he was sexually starved from how he pinned me to the leather sofa and gave me along kiss.

Sincerely I could not tell how I stripped maybe I was starved too. In such situations with a client of this type, a hard doggy style penetration will calm him. I took delight from how he multi tasked squeezing my D cupped tits while having his jumbo cock gradually slope down my cockpit. His pace accelerated to a fierce fucking, this is where I wanted use to head, and he was so good at it. I lost track of time when he asked if he could cum in my mouth. I oblige swapped position and siphoned his rod empty.

We spent the night at his villa doing what I was best at; intense fucking all night. This is why I love to be an escort girl in Marbella, I can have fun while I make money. The following day was another adventurous date, in fact we allocated more bedtime.

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